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Agile Web Development with Rails 2nd Edition

agile_web_development_with_rails_2nd.jpgAfter a three week wait I finally got my ordered book: "Agile Web Development with Rails, 2nd edition". I remember the bookstore salesman "The book is in stock at my supplier, it will be here in three days...". Yeah right!

Last year I bought the first edition of this book, and a few days after buying I noticed there already was a second edition on the way. I felt pretty screwed. Tried to get some discount via Dave Thomas, but unfortunately I didn't get it.. Btw. I really think Dave is great writer and great developer, he always seems to anwers his email personally. Very good!

I told myself, I will not buy this 2nd edition book, I'm not paying the money again for a lot of the same content..

Well I changed my mind, (after viewing an illegal bittorrent PDF version)

And after reading through the depot application (again) I indeed found a lot of improvements and new things about rails I didn't know!

It again is worth the money.

Some highlights of new things I read ( Btw. I still need to read 400 pages ;-) )

  • link_to has a :method parameter. (Very usefull, didn't know this)
  • rjs templates, read about them never used them. Now I can see them in the Depot application
  • Ajax based cart, with nice update effects
  • form_for construct. Didn't know it existed, but I really like it!
  • request.xhr?
  • cycle, for automaticly cycling colours!
  • ... still need 400 more page to read, the items above are only items extra in the tutorial ...

Btw. Another great book from Dave I really advice you to read is "The Pragmatic Programmer From Journeyman to Master". I've got his book a few years ago and it's full of good advice and inspiration.

The coming days I'm not behind a PC, so I will not make a lot of digital adventures... Well I wil read some more in my new Rails book...

Now Oblivion Time ...