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RSync Hangs when rsyncing via SSH

I've got an automatic backup script that makes a daily copy of my server to an offsite location. I use rsync for this. I've noticed last week that nothing the sync never completed...

Btw. The offsite location (a SuSE Linux 9.3 server) initiates and rsync over SSH with my FreeBSD 6.2 server.

After some debugging I noticed rsync is hanging in the middle of the backup!?
I found several articles on the internet about this problem. But I'm still searching for a solutions for my problem... :(

Well every time it hangs on:

/somepath/wordpress/xmlrpc.php is uptodate

WordPress.. Coincidence?!? ;-)


11 august 2007 - Well it was a false alarm. Rsync is just extremely slow... :-(