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PHP Extension order and Core Dumps

After updating my FreeBSD port php and apache I suddenly got a whole lot of core dumps. The hosted websites were running fine, but the core dumps didn't feel quite right.. (of course).

Another FreeBSD server of mine, also updated to the same version, didn't have these core dumps.

Doing some research on the web I found that a wrong order in extensions.ini could be a cause of my problems.
Changing the order of the extensions.ini solved my problem!

The following extensions.ini is is working for me:

  1. I’ve been having a similar problem for the last week! How did you figure out what order the extensions should be listed?

  2. I was running two servers, with (about) the same modules. One server was working, one was generating core dumps.
    By looking at the extensions.ini that worked, I changed the order so it equals the working version.

    I also examined the core dumps. For example:

    gdb httpd /usr/local/httpd.core
    (gdb) bt

    This will tell you wich .so file is causing the problem.

    Another problem is that some extension cannot be used at the same time!! I had this problem a while ago..

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