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Synchronization of calendar, contacts on my (windows) mobile, horde and thunderbird.

(Sorry for the format, it's a straight copy from my DokuWiki)

This is my situation:

* I've got a FreeBSD server which runs PHP, Apache, Mysql, Courier Imap.
* I've multiple clients which run Thunderbird as my mail client. I'm using imap for mail access
* My thunderbird clients also run lightning for agenda functionality
* I also have a mobile phone HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6.

I would like to share my contacts, agenda items, notes and tasks with all my clients.
My phone syncs all these items.
Thunderbird only the contacts an agenda..

This document describes the installation of this system. I assume you already
have a working server like described above.

Install Horde

I downloaded the Horde Groupware Webmail Edition. WARNING this **must** be at least
the 1.1 edition. At this moment it's still a Release Candidate. (Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 1.1-RC3)

Complete Install manual of horde can be find here:

Summary of this setup:

* Extract this file to a web directory (horde-webmail-1.1-rc3.tar.gz)
* run the setup script: php scripts/setup.php
* build the database, enter the database settings etc.
* enter the name of your IMAP user that gets administrator rights for horde

Things to know:

* you can login to horde with your IMAP username and password
* The syncML url for horde is: http://yourserver/horde-setup-location/rpc.php
* Use your IMAP username and password for this synchronisation


I assume you already have thunderbird running with lightning. I've got the latest versions:
Lightning plugin 0.8

 * At the Thunderbird extensions site download Funambol Plugin
   * You can find it at the source:
   * Choose Funambol Mozilla PIM plugin
   * I've tested version 0.4.4: Funambol-Pim-Plugin-win32-v0.4.4.xp
 * Change the config for this plugin
   * Thunderbird Menu: Extra => Funambol Plugin
   * Choose Options
     * Enter your server details:  
     * Enter your IMAP username and password settings
     * Goto tab 'Synchronize'
       * Enable contacts, press details, 
                and enter 'contacts' (without quotes) in the remote name.
       * Enable calendar, press details, 
               and enter 'calendar' (without quotes) in the remote name.
       * tasks are not (yet) available :-(  too bad.

Make your phone support SyncML

Download Funambol:
Tested with version:

  * Install this cab file on your phone.
  * Start Funambol
  * Choose Menu / Account
    * Again enter the Server and login details
  * Choose Menu / Settings
    * Enable only: contacts, calendar, tasks and notes! Disable the others!!
    * Choose Menu / Advanced
      * Enter the following names for the items:
        * contacts: contacts
        * calendar: calendar
        * tasks: tasks
        * notes: notes

This was all that it took to sync all my devices!