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Airbrake / errbit error reporting not working with puma 6 / rails 7

(Note issue below has been resolve, see link below for best resolution)

Last few weeks I busy updating several of my Ruby on Rails apps to Ruby 3.2.0 and Rails 7.0. (running Puma 6)
Because upgrading an app requires me to monitor the apps, and get notified when something happens, it's crucial that my error notification tool works.
I use airbrake with errbit as backend.

Most apps report perfectly after upgrade. But I notice one of my Apps didn't report any errors.

This app used the preload! functionality of puma.
With the preload option:

  • rake airbrake:test just works.
  • Exception from sidekiq Jobs are reported,
  • but controller exceptions aren't working

Removing the preload! of puma solve the issue.

But this isn't always possible, in one of my apps, I use the embedded puma variant. In this article Mike describes the steps how to do this.

This method requires a preload. (so removing it isn' a good solution)

After a lot of debugging/testing I found a simple workaround to solves the non-reporting issue. Forcing a syncronized notify instead of the default async.
I noticed the async config option was removed from airbrake, so I don't know how to disable it. For now I use the flexibility of Ruby to change the default notify implementation to the synchronized variant.

## force to airbrake to be NOT async, to solve issues with preload! puma
def Airbrake.notify(...)

With this included in my airbrake initializer the errors are noticed again :-)

I've created a PR for ruby/timeout to fix this issue

Which has been merged in the v0.3.2 release of the Timeout gem. 🎉