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Install ruby 2.7.8 on FreeBSD 14 (with rbenv)

Yeah I know, it's very old. But unfortunately i needed to use this ruby version for running errbit. (the self hosted error handler)

Trying to install install an older ruby-version on FreeBSD results in the following error (is found in the ruby-build log file )

util.c:236:1: error: expected identifier or '('
ruby_qsort(void* base, const size_t nel, const size_t size, cmpfunc_t *cmp, void *d)
./include/ruby/util.h:59:21: note: expanded from macro 'ruby_qsort'
-# define ruby_qsort qsort_r

This is an issue in the ruby code compiling on FreeBSD 14. The issue is mentioned for ruby 3.1 See:
Problem is that the solution isn't backported. There isn't a ruby 2.7.9.

Quick Solution

Create the file ./rbenv/plugins/ruby-build/share/ruby-build/2.7.8-freebsd-14, with the following content

install_package "openssl-1.1.1w" "" openssl --if needs_openssl:1.0.1-1.x.x
install_package "ruby-2.7.8" "" warn_eol enable_shared standard

And install it:

rbenv install 2.7.8-freebsd-14

Further changes to run errbit:

  • remove the ruby-version from the Gemfile
  • change .ruby-version file to match 2.7.8-freebsd-14
  • bundle update puma to a later version (issue with nio4r)


The issue happens because util.c file contains some q_sort function logic, which resolves incorrectly in FreeBSD 14.

The source contains the following patch (Note this is not a correct solution for all platforms, but a quick hack to make it work in FreeBSD 14).

Around line 222 a few defines are undefined


The patched ruby version is here for download:

The download