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Requested a place at sourceforge for java Libhttpd

Today I requested some space at sourceforge for hosting my java libhttpd project. I would like to increase it's user base and allow people to access the complete repositry without the need for me to open my own PC.

The request is pending. I'll keep you informed!

Today I've got an e-mail from a user that liked to add a custom mimetype to the HttpServer. Well eeuh, that wasn't directly possible, I had to fix this. I've made a patched version for him, you can download it here: libhttpd 20070720

You can add a custom mimetype the following way:

MimeTypeDetector.addMimeType( ".xsl", "text/xml" );

Word of warning this patched version also contains Ruby on Rails like routing support, if you start to use it you'll get spoiled ;-)
I will explain it's usage in a future post.
The next official release will be done at sourceforge. Well I hope, they first need to approve my project request..