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Devise – Demo Event Tool

I'm a developer and I enjoy programming.. :)
One of my play-projects is a tool called Devise. It's build for the demo group "Edge of Panic".
(We've made several releases (see bottom of this page))

I've did 3d coding for Edge of Panic a few years ago (look at the ugly recursive ball scene in the Breakpoint 2010 demo), but the the last two years I'm way to busy with my company to work on the 3d engine (which btw resulted in the development

Though I'm very busy, I've managed to find some spare time to work on Devise.

Devise is used for creating timing events and triggers in the demo. The tool imports both midi-data of the music track and the audio data and visualizes these items. The events can be moved, resized altered etc.
Events can be as simple as on or off, or can contain spline data and in the future it should be possible to write code in the event bars.

The next image shows a screenshot of this tool (written in C++ Qt)

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 23.06.36

Last week we had a BBQ which was used to demonstrate the state of the engine. Watch the movie below:
Lights and other events are synced on the music. This syncing is done with the help of the devise tool.

Notice the transparency in combination with deferred lighting. Our engine is improving (great work blackstar!) :)

Some releases we've done:
- Breakpoint 2010 - (a quick demo hack build in a few weeks)
- Revision 2012 - (a more mature release)

We've planned to finish out next production on Revision 2014, with some great music from Mr-Z and Davizion