Reopended my Blog

After a few months of offline time I finally reopened my Blog.

I didn't post often but the last few months I had several moments I would love to blog some technical solutions I found to certain problems. But I didn't have a place to put it...

I quickly choose a standard layout, maybe I will update it later.

So see you in the next post...

Adding Syntax Highlighting to WordPress

I Just added syntax highlighting to WordPress. As a development blog I must be able to show some descent code samples!

I tried the pugin wp-syntax, but adding a <pre> element requires me to go to the code pane and editor the code there. (And make me type every special char like & as &)
With this syntax highlighting I'm not very happy because it places the highlighting above a black background.

Another highliger codesnippet-20 Is capable of editing in design time. I just need to place the code between:

Code text

You can even change the style setting in an options tab of Wordpres
To enable this, just:

There's just one problem... TinyMCE removes my spaces !! An using a style "white-space: pre" gives me to many newlines because the highlighting adds newlines....


Well I will look at this later.

Btw. I also found a DokuWiki syntax plugin for WordPress... That sounds promising, I use dokuwiki for my internal wiki, and this wiki contains a lot of code snippets!

Started My BLog

This is the first posting of my Blog. I started a blog to write things down I’m doing and try to do while coding.

A few days ago I missed a blog so I could rant my frustrations about some Flash development I was trying to do. The same goes for my quest for the perfect text editor.

The projects/thing I would like to place on this blog are:

  • Application Development (java, c++, c .. )
  • Web Development ( php, rails, ajax.. )
  • Tools: editors, version control, grep
  • FreeBSD, Linux and Windows
  • And other important stuff

The start of the Blog is at the right time, just before my Holiday *sigh*. So it’s going to be a little quite at the start. I need to spend some time with my Wife and Kid.

After some fast googling I decided to take WordPress and some predefined layout for my Blog. It’s just a simple page so I can rant my frustrations.

I hope I will be able to post on a regular basis, but who knows, this time I might succeed ;-)

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