Affinity Designer

Finally there's a descent alternative to Illustrator.
I bought Affinity Designer and I really like it!!





Dragon Head Sketch

Today I had a drawing afternoon with the kids. To things a bit different this time,
we searched for a nice tutorial from Marc Crilley on the internet.

And my result of the tutorial was the following drawing. Not perfect, but nice enough to place on my Blog.. (Great tutorial btw, !)


You can find the tutorial here:

I'm sure I'm going to watch more of Marc Crilley !!

Visuals Blog

It's been seven years ago my first beautiful daughter was born.
When your having children, you automatically get more time doing creative stuff. Drawing coloring, cutting and pasting (not the computer way), crafting all kinds of stuff.

While I'm being creative with my kids, I picked up an old hobby of mine, drawing cartoons.
I'm not extremely talented but sometimes I draw something that looks nice enough, that doesn't deserve to go into the recycle-old-paper box.
I would like to share these drawing on this blog..

In this article I would like to share my first more-then-a-sketch project that I made from a random-sketch for my oldest daughter two years ago.

While drawing with the kids I draw the sketch below.

Boy in a box

I scanned it in and made a line-drawing of it in Illustrator:
This was one of my first line-drawings in illustrator. I can tell you using the pen takes quite some time to get used to.


To make the image a bit more vivid, I improved the line thickness of the drawing.


After this I've colored it in Illustrator. I really don't like the way Illustrator handles coloring and painting. The free-form mode that used to be in Flash is much more natural. (though less accurate)


To get nice shades and a cleaner way of coloring, I fled to Photoshop. Drawing in Photoshop is more natural to me. Well here's the result of the 'shading' step in Photoshop.

When this step was done, I've mailed the picture to, a dutch company that delivers photo's on canvas.

An this is the result as it is today on my daughters bedroom.


She was pretty happy with it, and it still has a place in her bedroom, so I guess she still likes it :)